Nearly 100,000 Call Domestic Violence Hotlines in New Jersey

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Domestic violence remains a significant problem in New Jersey, according to a number of indicators. According to statistics, police departments across the state answered more than 60,000 calls involving allegations of domestic abuse in 2015, essentially unchanged from the prior year. In addition, domestic violence hotlines across the state took in more than 90,000 calls.

Here are some of the key statistics, according to a report prepared by the New Jersey Coalition to End Domestic Violence (NJCEDV):

  • Domestic violence became more violent in 2015, with a 16% increase in the number of fatalities tied to domestic abuse
  • Police officers arrested someone in approximately one of every three complaints filed with law enforcement departments
  • Females were the overwhelming target of domestic violence, with three of every four victims being women
  • Approximately one of every six cases involved perpetrators who had previously been under a court order because of domestic violence
  • Children were either involved or present in nearly one of every three situations involving allegations of domestic violence
  • Alcohol was a factor in one in five cases, but other controlled substances were only a factor in about 3% of the claims
  • Assault and harassment charges were filed nearly half the time police responded to a call
  • The most common day of the week for domestic violence hotlines to receive a call—Sunday
  • Most allegations of domestic violence occurred between 8 pm and midnight

Nicole Morella, a spokesperson for the NJCEDV, stressed that the definition of domestic violence in New Jersey is broader than aggressive behavior by men against women, but can include abuse of children, of elderly parents or relatives and of same-sex partners. She also said that the numbers gathered understate the problem, as much domestic violence doesn’t get reported.

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