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To schedule a free, 30 minute telephone consultation to discuss your concerns, send us an e-mail or call our office at 201-343-0078. E-mails are always returned within 24 hours and in most cases, within the hour. Phone calls will always be returned by the next business day – again, usually sooner. We’ll be at your side every step of the way.

Bogda Rudzińska

Kelly and her office stuff is superior to any other attorney services I employed before her. She is very organized, utilizes email, voice mails and texts which saves a lot of time and money.She very clearly explained my options and was very realistic about my “wants” vs costs. Highly recommend.


I will never forget the amazing job that Kelly Berton did in the different cases that I had. She is a brave, competitive lawyer. Kelly Berton put all her professionalism, knowledge, experience, dedication on my cases. Brittany and Faudia work with Kelly making a wonderful team to defend your case.  Kelly won all my cases and I don’t have enough words to describe her amazing job. She has many years of experience and advice to you correctly. She is also a great person, an awesome human being.  I highly recommend the Law Offices of Kelly Berton Rocco.

Marsha Smith

Kelly was a huge help! Needless to say, I won my case! Thanks for everything again, Kelly!

Adriana Adarve

Kelly is a competent professional, she always had my best interests in mind

Anita Allen

Kelly is generous of heart, compassionate and a strong advocate for her clients.

Jim Foster

Kelly Berton Rocco was different. She was knowledgable, prepared, and effective.

My child support case was a complex interstate case (UIFSA), which involved the jurisdictional considerations of three very different states. Over the life of my case, I contacted and hired many lawyers. Some were better than others, but none came close to Ms. Rocco.

As soon as I contacted Kelly I was impressed with how quickly she grasped not only the legal complications of the case, but also the difficult emotional implications. She listened, and put me at ease. She was honest about the process, costs, and realities of success, giving me the info I needed to make an informed decision. I never felt she was steering me towards any decision nor unnecessarily billing me.

When I used Kelly to file a consent order to emancipate my son, the process went smoother than I imagined possible. In my opinion, this is because she chose the right approach, tone, and wording, leaving little room for contention.

I have no doubt that had I hired Kelly earlier in the life of my case things would have turned out a lot better for everybody. I highly recommend her to anybody dealing with family law issues.

Adam Vanderweert

Kelly is an amazing attorney! Over the past few years Ive been alienated from my children and she went too amazing lengths to ensure I see them and get to be a part of there life’s again. Thank you Kelly!! I highly recommend her to anyone and everyone in a similar situation!

Bong Gallardo

Atty. Kelly Berton Rocco helped me with my child custody case and I was very satisfied with the result. Being the father of a young child, I felt all the odds were against me. All my doubts and fears were totally gone when Atty. Rocco represented me. Atty. Rocco is very knowledgeable of the law and always look for the best interest of her clients.She fights for what is important to them and her negotiation skill is excellent.

My experience with Atty. Rocco, Atty. Clemenza and Ms. Camacho was very pleasant. They were quick to respond to all my inquiries through emails or phone calls and they handled my case very professionally. I highly recommend Atty. Kelly Berton Rocco, a bright and experienced counsel who will represent her clients with satisfying results. 10 STARS!!!

Susan Storm

Mrs. Rocco was extremely helpful in dealing with my case. She went above and beyond my expectations and has since helped me anytime a legal matter has come up. She’s down-to-earth, straightforward, honest, and aggressive when the time calls for it. I would definitely recommend her to anyone seeking a good family lawyer.

Cheryl Grochowski

Class Act. Extremely knowledgeable. Kelly possesses compassion for her clients while sharply defending or advocating for them as well. A Family Law Specialist with exceptional skills for representing clients in and out of the Courtroom.

Dolores Buli

The law offices of Kelly Berton Rocco did a great job with my divorce. They kept me on track even when I stalled. They tried to get my case finished as quickly and painlessly as possible without costing me an arm and a leg. Not only were they knowledgeable, they were also successful at obtaining the desired results. I would definitely recommend them.

E Marie

Kelly is a consummate professional with a firm grasp of family law but, more importantly, she is a compassionate ally who truly cares about and fights for her clients. There are many attorneys who are knowledgeable, but I am confident that there are few that will work as hard for you or your children as Kelly. It is never an easy time when dealing with divorce or family court issues, if you have to do so, you should do so with a caring, professional at your side, Kelly is just the person.

Dana Wynne

Kelly is a passionate and dedicated individual. I could not think of a better person to have in my corner.

Kevin Frick

You will not find a more professional and knowledgeable law firm, than that of the Law Offices of Kelly Berton Rocco. It was a comfort and a pleasure knowing that I had Kelly and her staff on my side. Not only were they always prepared, but they always seemed to be ‘one step’ ahead of the opposition! I would highly recommend the Law Offices of Kelly Berton Rocco!!!

Ruth A. Casie

Kelly has been instrumental in helping victims of domestic violence, probono, for some time. She is a caring and compassionate person who will support and fight for her client.

In addition, Kelly represented my daughter in a contentious divorce and was able to keep everyone calm as well as bring the case to a settlement.

I would recommend Kelly for her professionalism and ‘get-it-done’ attitude.

Alicia Utset-Montes

Kelly and her Team are exceptional. She’s compassionate, she’s knowledgeable, she’s aggressive when she need to be. She represented my daughter in a very complicated divorce. We always felt safe with her, and felt that she always gave us the best advice. She goes above and beyond the call of duty.

Barbara T

Kelly is thorough, professional, aggressive, and compassionate. Her personal approach lets her clients know that she not only cares about them, but can also relate to them. When faced with a difficult legal situation, Kelly Rocco is the person you can trust to fight for you with everything she has!

Jennifer White

Kelly and team are smart, focused and attentive to clients. They always had my best interests as their top priority, and we were able to resolve my case – VERY SUCCESSFULLY!

Barbara Torna

Kelly & Faudia are stellar, very knowledgeable, efficient and always look out their client’s best interests. They were extremely responsive and always kept me apprised about my case and answered all of my questions. They handled my case with conviction and authority. I would absolutely and vehemently recommend them highly and already have. You will not go wrong with them by your side! Thank you for everything Kelly, Faudia and Donna !!!

Diana Fang

Kelly had my best interests at heart. Kelly and her office were efficient, communicative and very reasonable. Would recommend her to anyone.

Samantha Rocco

Kelly is professional, prompt, comforting, and extraordinarily intelligent. Kelly did my adoption a couple of years ago – everything went incredibly smooth – I would definitely recommend her!

Scott Rossig

As the owner of a recent startup Behavioral Consultation Agency, I approached Kelly for legal guidance and assistance relating to consultation and formal business establishment. Kelly knows that our work supports children and families and offered her guidance and support pro bono. She is not only a fantastic lawyer, but a wonderful person who is dedicated to supporting families in need!

Joyce Enright

Kelly Rocco and her Team provided expertise, compassion and attention to detail in a timely fashion at a fair rate when we needed it most. Look no further for quality legal assistance.

Tom Rocco

Kelly Rocco has been a trusted source legal advise for years. I highly recommend Kelly and her team!