How to Protect Yourself When Getting Divorced

Steps to Take to Protect Yourself in a Divorce

Going through a divorce can be a challenging process due to the emotions involved. Many people make the mistake of failing to protect themselves, which can result in significant financial loss, employment manipulation, and failing to get custody of any children involved. If you’re going through a divorce, there are a few necessary steps to take to protect yourself throughout the process.

Cancel All Joint Credit Cards

Make it a point to immediately cancel all credit cards that are shared with your spouse. Any debt that they accumulate until the divorce is finalized will still be your responsibility to repay, which makes it necessary to contact each credit card company. Most experts also recommend reducing unnecessary expenses that you share with your spouse, which may include cable television or gym memberships. Most people need as much money as possible when splitting their finances. A Hackensack family attorney will advise you on what to do with your personal or joint accounts and where you should deposit your paycheck. Each situation is unique, which makes it necessary to consult the help of a legal expert who can review the details of your case before offering their guidance.

Keep Track of Your Assets

It’s also important to make a record of all marital property that you share with a video recording. You’ll need to inventory the entire house and make an extra copy of the footage. Turn the date footage on the video to prove when the recording was filmed. If your spouse takes anything from the house before it’s divided, then the film will allow you to have proof of what you own and share. Anything that is valuable or irreplaceable can be kept in a safe and secure location.

You also need to know if the assets were yours before the marriage, if you paid for them during the marriage or if they were bought jointly during the marriage. Judges will usually not consider assets acquired during the marriage jointly as belonging to one party. You can keep your property if you can prove that you are the one that purchased it. Be sure to not only include things like your house and car. You should also consider assets like stocks and investments when dividing up your belongings.

This can also apply to debt as well, which is why you should keep track of loans that were filed and signed jointly as well as those that were done separately.

Stay in the Family Home With the Kids

If you have kids, you’ll need to stay in the family home to avoid affecting the custody process at a later date. If there’s a risk of domestic violence due to increased tension, make it a point to minimize friction or find a safe place to stay if you feel your safety is at risk.

Prevent your spouse from taking the children and leaving the house, which they don’t have the right to do without your consent. If domestic violence is an issue, immediately contact the police and file a report after the authorities visit your home. It may also be necessary to file a restraining order against your spouse.

Hire a Lawyer

Legal representation is necessary while going through a divorce to ensure that you have a legal defense and can protect yourself. Hire a Hackensack family attorney that is experienced with handling cases involving divorce.

The legal professional will advise you to avoid signing anything like preliminary agreements to avoid the loss of property or assets. If something is signed, it may be beyond the control of the lawyer to help you get it back in the future. Only sign documents or paperwork that your lawyer can review ahead of time.

If you’re going through a divorce and want to protect yourself, contact the Law Office of Kelly Berton Rocco by calling 201-343-0078 or emailing us at for professional legal assistance. The team will work to help you amicably settle the issues and inform you of your rights.

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