Jim Foster

Kelly Berton Rocco was different. She was knowledgable, prepared, and effective.

My child support case was a complex interstate case (UIFSA), which involved the jurisdictional considerations of three very different states. Over the life of my case, I contacted and hired many lawyers. Some were better than others, but none came close to Ms. Rocco.

As soon as I contacted Kelly I was impressed with how quickly she grasped not only the legal complications of the case, but also the difficult emotional implications. She listened, and put me at ease. She was honest about the process, costs, and realities of success, giving me the info I needed to make an informed decision. I never felt she was steering me towards any decision nor unnecessarily billing me.

When I used Kelly to file a consent order to emancipate my son, the process went smoother than I imagined possible. In my opinion, this is because she chose the right approach, tone, and wording, leaving little room for contention.

I have no doubt that had I hired Kelly earlier in the life of my case things would have turned out a lot better for everybody. I highly recommend her to anybody dealing with family law issues.