Protect Your Legal Rights in Your Adoption Case

If you’re in need of legal assistance regarding an adoption or a related issue, you’ll want to seek out the best family lawyer possible. Kelly Berton Rocco is a Hackensack divorce attorney who also provides services to her clients as an adoption and child custody lawyer. Additionally, she represents same-sex couples  with issues pertaining to adoption, marriage dissolution, custody and other matters.

Divorce, Child Custody, and an Adopted Child: Information From Our Bergen County Divorce Lawyer

Our Hackensack divorce lawyer can tell you that emotional aspects of marriage dissolution cases usually involve children. These aspects include child custody, child support, and visitation issues. If you are contemplating divorce or your spouse has already filed a case, you likely have serious questions pertaining to your children. If you have an adopted child or children, you may wonder if adoption has an impact on issues that are likely to come up in a divorce case. These are all questions best answered by our Hackensack divorce attorneys.

Before diving into specific information about child custody and related issues, you need to understand that the same standards apply in a divorce case whether your child is naturally your own or has been adopted by you and your spouse. Our Hackensack divorce lawyers can provide you with more information about this legal reality.

Similarly, our Bergen County divorce attorneys can further explain that if you’ve adopted your stepchild, your spouse’s natural child, the standards are the same. Whether you are the birth parent of your child or you have adopted your boy or girl, your rights associated with the minor child are the same in a marriage dissolution case. This includes a situation in which a same-sex divorce lawyer assists in a case involving a stepchild and a same-sex couple.  We stand ready to assist.

As our Bergen County divorce lawyers can advise, when you and your spouse adopted a child or when you adopted your stepchild, when the adoption decree was handed down by the court, you permanently became the lawful parent of that child. Adoption laws place upon you the same obligations, and grant you the same rights, as are applicable in a situation between a birth parent and his or her child. If you have more questions about this area of the law, consult with our Hackensack family attorney.

Establishing Child Custody in a Divorce Case: Help From Our Bergen County Divorce Attorney

The state of New Jersey utilizes what oftentimes is referred to as the best interests of the child standard when it comes to custody decisions in divorce proceedings. Our Bergen County divorce lawyers can explain to you the specifics of this standard. In New Jersey, a court is to make custody decisions based on what is in the best interests of the child. Due to the emotional aspect and legal complexities of custody issues, you need the best family lawyer on your side.

Our Bergen County divorce attorneys can explain to you that this standard is applicable in all cases involving a minor child. This includes instances in which the child is the biological or adopted offspring of the divorcing parties. It is also the standard utilized when a same-sex couple with a child terminates a marriage, as our same-sex family lawyer can expound upon.

Divorce, Visitation, and an Adopted Child: Protect Legal Rights With Our Bergen County Divorce Attorney

There is no legal difference when it comes to visitation of parenting time in a situation in which the minor child is biological or adopted, as our Hackensack family lawyers will explain to you. The rights of the noncustodial parent to reasonable and regular visitation or parenting time are the same; our Hackensack family attorneys will protect those rights.

There can be one additional matter to be addressed when it comes to visitation. Our child custody lawyers can assist with this issue. In some adoption cases, the biological mother, or sometimes both biological parents, are provided with the ability to have some contact with the child. Our child custody lawyers will have to address this issue in light of a visitation order in a divorce case.

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In order to best protect your legal rights, you need to be proactive when it comes to retaining the professional services of a skilled, tenacious, and experienced Hackensack divorce lawyers. If your spouse has filed for divorce, you should contact our Hackensack divorce attorneys as soon as you can. You need to get the best divorce lawyer possible on your side.

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