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Are you contemplating or facing divorce or a civil union dissolution? Are you struggling with post-divorce custody, visitation or support issues? Is your spouse abusive?

At the Law Offices of Kelly Berton Rocco, we have focused our practice exclusively on family law and divorce since 1993. We have extensive experience handling all aspects of family law, including:

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Our family law Practice

  • Divorce

    When your marriage breaks down, you can face many challenges. How will custody and visitation be determined? Will the court order child or spousal support, and if so, how much? How can you effectively plan to pay for your child’s college education?

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  • Father’s Rights

    Maybe you’ve been the stay-at-home dad during the marriage. Or perhaps your work schedule has been more flexible or has more “kid-friendly” hours and you’re the one who goes to the parent teacher conferences, makes sure the homework gets done,

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  • Custody & Parenting Time

    When your marriage has ended, one of the most difficult issues to settle can be custody and parenting time. As a parent, you want to play a meaningful role in the life and development of your child. But you don’t want them to feel like pawns,

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  • Domestic Violence

    For victims of domestic violence, life is a perpetual nightmare, a world fraught with fear, humiliation and isolation. The abuse may be physical-slaps, punches, kicks or beatings - or it may involve obsessive levels of control - denying you access to friends or family,

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  • Modification and Enforcement

    It happens all the time. During the divorce process, you set up custody and parenting time arrangements, or you establish support obligations based on the circumstances at the time. Then something changes - you lose your job, or have health problems

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  • Same Sex Family Law

    The terminology governing same-sex unions in New Jersey has evolved over time, from domestic partnerships to civil unions and now marriage. But marriage is marriage - some work and some don’t. When the bonds that tie you are broken, either in a same sex or a traditional marriage,

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Why Hire Kelly Berton Rocco?
  • Family law matters are often charged with emotion and parties can be overwhelmed by the myriad of decisions that need to be made. Feelings of frustration, helplessness, anger and sadness are normal. We understand. Our attorneys and staff provide you with the compassionate, personal attention you deserve and the experience and integrity you demand. Whenever possible, we attempt to amicably settle the issues. When parties come to an agreement without court intervention, the results are generally more satisfying for the parties and spares them the emotional and financial cost of trial. Unfortunately, that is not always possible. And when it isn't, you want aggressive representation you can trust.

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