The Divorce Process — Part One

What Can I Expect During the Divorce Process?

If you are considering filing for or have initiated a complaint for divorce, you may be unfamiliar with the process. Here’s what you can expect as you move through a divorce.

Step One: File the Complaint

If you decide to be the one to officially file a Complaint for Divorce, you will be referred to as the Plaintiff. In your Complaint, you will state the ground (reason) for your divorce. In 2007, New Jersey added “Irreconcilable Differences” to the possible grounds for divorce and it is by far the most commonly used one. Other commonly cited grounds are extreme cruelty, desertion, adultery or 18 month separation. In addition to your Complaint, you will have to file a Certification of Insurance, a Confidential Litigant’s Information Sheet and a Certification of Complementary Dispute Resolution. Our office will then arrange to have your spouse, the Defendant, served with the Complaint. Your spouse will have 35 days to file an Answer to the Complaint along with the other required forms.

Step Two: Prepare and File your CIS

A Case Information Statement (CIS) must be filed by both parties within 20 days of the Answer being filed. The CIS is a 9 page, very comprehensive financial document. We will need your last year’s tax return and your last 3 pay stubs in addition to information about your assets, liabilities and monthly expenses. This document can seem overwhelming: you have no need to worry.

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  • Family law matters are often charged with emotion and parties can be overwhelmed by the myriad of decisions that need to be made. Feelings of frustration, helplessness, anger and sadness are normal. We understand. Our attorneys and staff provide you with the compassionate, personal attention you deserve and the experience and integrity you demand. Whenever possible, we attempt to amicably settle the issues. When parties come to an agreement without court intervention, the results are generally more satisfying for the parties and spares them the emotional and financial cost of trial. Unfortunately, that is not always possible. And when it isn't, you want aggressive representation you can trust.

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