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Hackensack, NJ Civil Union Dissolution

Civil unions have only been recognized in New Jersey since February of 2007 and the laws regarding civil unions and their dissolution are continually emerging. If you are contemplating or facing the dissolution of your civil union, you need attorneys who are experienced and compassionate: the attorneys at the Law Offices of Kelly Berton Rocco are just that.

While many of the issues couples face in a dissolution are identical to those divorcing couples must deal with, there are some differences. For example, while a heterosexual couple may file for divorce on the ground of irreconcilable differences, a same-sex couple dissolving their union cannot yet do so: their options include fault grounds (such as adultery) or living separate and apart for 18 months prior to filing the Complaint with the court.

The tax implications of alimony payments are also different for same-sex couples. In a divorce, alimony is tax-deductible to the paying spouse and taxable to the receiving spouse on both their New Jersey and Federal income tax returns. In a civil union dissolution, alimony is only tax-deductible to the paying partner and taxable to the receiving partner on their New Jersey tax returns. Our federal government does not recognize civil unions: therefore, the paying partner does not get the benefit of a tax deduction for the alimony paid and the receiving partner gets tax-free income.

It’s important that you have attorneys who are keeping abreast of the evolving laws so they can can help you through this difficult time.

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